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Healing Process

God really has to determine the next steps and we believe He will guide both you and the Healing Team to go His way, in His Name, and in His time, to His glory. The next step could be healing prayer, teaching about Jesusí love and His promises or something new and different. God is full of surprises! Bible study or counselling could also be recommended, but these are not offered at the Healing Centre. One step that is often taken is to lead you through a series of prayers that heal the heart. This begins by exploring possible roots of the "heart issue" that brought you here. Words, thoughts and deeds that separate us from God, (what the Bible calls sin) release energy to keep us separated. The devil works very hard to keep it that way. Six areas are explored for reasons for poor spiritual health:

Generational Sins and Curses

It is common knowledge that we can inherit a susceptibility to illnesses from our parents and ancestors. It is not always understood that we do not inherit their sin, we only inherit the inclination to sin. God says, "Behold, all souls are mine". Nothing our ancestors said or did can prevent us from being accepted by God as His children. Only we ourselves can do that and we do when we continuously rebel against His authority.

Good things and bad things are passed on from generation to generation. Some of the bad things are: addictions, proneness to specific physical and mental diseases, as well as a nature that rebels against Godís authority. We have so many ancestors after a few generations that any problem probably came from someone. We may never know the source. Sometimes however it is clear where the problem came from and other times God will reveal the source.

Identifying the entry point of these inherited weaknesses enables us to pray against them and break their ability to undermine our relationship with God.

Ungodly Soul Ties

A soul tie exists when there is a close relationship, between two persons. They can be good or bad, godly or ungodly. The relationship becomes ungodly when one partner seeks to dominate, manipulate or control another. Again by identifying them, those ungodly soul ties are broken by God through confession, forgiveness and cleansing.

Negative Expectations

Making negative judgements about what is going to happen has a powerful effect on what will happen. It reflects a hidden assumption that Jesus our Lord is unable to control events or if He can, He does not love us enough to protect us. Exploring our own thinking and listening to our words exposes these negative thoughts. The solution is to take them to Jesus and to walk by faith in Him, not by sight or in our own understanding. That brings light into our spirit and banishes the darkness of negative thinking.

Inner Vows

These result from our negative judgements of ourselves, other people in our lives or institutions we have to deal with. They often come out as statements that we are promising to do something in our own strength. That shows that we think we are in control, not God. It amounts to a statement that we do not trust God to lead us on the right path. Again the solution is confession, repentance/forgiveness and cleansing.

Remembering the Past without Jesus

Every time we remember traumatic experiences from our past, they provide an open door for evil spirits to influence our thought processes. There, they regenerate fear, anxiety and stress. This prayer invites the Holy Spirit to show us where Jesus was in our vision of that event and what He was doing. We may not have been committed to Jesus at that time, but now we know that Jesus has been with us since before we were born. He promises to be with us always. Remembering this promise and seeing that Jesus was actually with us, brings freedom and release from the negative emotions associated with those experiences.

Breaking Word Curses

Some, such as inner vows and generational curses, have already been dealt with. Often our thought patterns have been influenced by curses made over us by others. These can be made in jest or as an insult. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus notes the seriousness of cursing. Such curses have to be dealt with to free us from the spiritual influence they have to make us believe their lies.


These six prayers heal our hearts and refocus our lives on Jesus. You are then invited to take authority over any evil spirits that have taken refuge in you and demand that they leave you alone. You do this with the authority of Jesus Christ and replace them with the Holy Spirit.


God heals! He may do it instantaneously or over time. He uses the medical professions and you will note we offer no medical advice. Donít forget that you are expected to respect your bodyís needs for proper exercise, a sound diet and adequate rest. Remember also Jesusí promise, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid." John 14:27

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